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AllergyPal is a digital allergy management platform created by health care professionals to empower everyone to become experts at managing allergy and anaphylaxis.

Allergy management made simple

The AllergyPal app makes managing food and insect allergies simple.  Share your or your child's ASCIA action plan with friends, family and care givers so they can use AllergyPal to recognise the signs of an allergic reaction and provide life-saving first aid, including when and how to use an EpiPen® or Anapen®.  

Created by Health Care Professionals

AllergyPal has been co-developed by Australia's leading paediatric allergists and researchers at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Victoria, Australia.

"Food allergies can be debilitating. We want kids to lead happy, healthy and fulfilled lives – AllergyPal goes a long way to helping make this a reality”

Prof Mimi Tang, Director, AllergyPal 

Over 10,000 happy users around the world

There have been times that I have been worried about giving the EpiPen to both my children, and this has just made that decision that much easier to make next time.  What an amazing tool! Thank you!"
Nikki R
"I had to use the 'emergency' feature last week for my daughter. It really helped me focus and think clearly in an emergency situation."
Rebecca R
"Managing my child's allergies is now easier and less stresful, thanks to AllergyPal"
Damien B
A teenage girl suing the AllergyPal App

Allergies don't need
to hold you back

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