What is AllergyPal?

AllergyPal is a digital healthcare platform created by health care professionals to make allergy management easier and safer. 

Our Purpose

AllergyPal was created to help reduce stress and anxiety from caring for someone with a life threatening allergy. Created by health professionals, AllergyPal is a digital allergy management platform empowering everyone to become experts at managing allergy and anaphylaxis.

When an allergic reaction occurs, parents and caregivers often cannot recall the most appropriate first aid steps, leading to under use of adrenaline auto injectors. This is the leading cause of anaphylaxis related deaths in children and teenagers.

AllergyPal aims to be the leading global allergy management platform, connecting people living with allergies to accurate information, resources, emerging products and therapies.

Our Team

We're a team of allergy practitioners, researchers, patient advocates, parents and allergy patients improving allergy management, ensuring users and their families, friends and caregivers know what to do in an emergency.