Schools & Child Care Organizations

We are developing an allergy management solution, custom built for schools and child care organizations.

The Problem

  • Each year, 1 in 10 children are diagnosed with a food allergy in Australia before their first birthday.

  • Patients & care givers live in constant fear of a life threatening reaction, impacting quality of life for patients and their community.

  • Paper based action plans are the global norm.

  • Reluctance to use an adrenalin auto injector is a major factor leading to hospitalisations and death.

The solution

  • Digital allergy profiles & action plans for all students with allergies, updated by parents through the AllergyPal app.
  • Web interface accessible by desktop, iPad or mobile for nominated school staff.
  • Step-by-step allergy reaction guide
  • Parent contact information.
  • Students medication storage location and expiry date.

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